Amish Country Roll Butter

ACRB-Barrel-Scene-webAmish Country Roll Butter gets its rich creamy taste using the combination of an old family recipe, farm fresh milk from Wisconsin’s finest cows, and hand packaging every piece of butter.  Use it to enhance the taste of your morning bagel, or stack of hot steaming pancakes.  Keep it on the table to use as an all-purpose butter throughout the day to add exceptional taste to any meal.

Family recipe:

  • Since 1946 Amish Country Roll Butter has been using a traditional family recipe to create superior tasting butter.

Hand Packaging:

  • The tedious process of hand packaging every piece of roll butter allows for the butter fat to set up evenly and naturally throughout the entire piece of butter.  The attention to detail that goes into making every piece of Amish Country Roll Butter is a chief influence to the exceptional taste profile of the butter.

Farm Fresh Milk:

  • A main contributing ingredient to any butter is the cream.  Using a unique blend of whey cream and sweet cream gives the butter an old fashioned taste.  Reminiscent of the way butter use to taste.